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Mother's Revenge

Recently, I decided to transform my old studio into the Mordella Room. It's the coldest room in the house, so it seemed fitting for her. Here are a few detail shots as I will release a video when the room is finished, or rather, mostly finished as I always like to leave room for improvement. About that paint colour: It's Benjamin Moore's Odessa Pink but I call it 'Mother's Revenge' in reference to when I was sixteen and in the deepest throws of my goth youth, my mother hired an interior decorator and painted the living room 'Dusty Rose' circa 1989. I couldn't abide it. I hated it. I mocked it and made her life miserable. She of course remained steadfast in her pink paint and I retaliated by painting my bedroom the blackest purple I could find. Then I dyed my hair fire engine red and declared myself victorious in the mother/daughter torment battle. Now I love the colour pink and my mother has officially won the war.

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