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Created by artist and author Janet Hill,
The Mansion Girls is a visible exploration of womanhood and femininity with intimations of the macabre and the uncanny.
Take a trip back to a time when decor was louche, carpet had shag, hair had glamour,  film had grain, and the night was just a little bit darker.

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In 2023 after a debilitating bout of insomnia, Janet was inspired to create a collection of paintings under the pseudonym ‘The Mansion Girls’ where she freely explored the darker side of femininity through an otherworldly and romantic lens.  The Mansion Girls was featured in the winter 2024 issue of Hi- Fructose Magazine.

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‘Like much of her work, there is balance between realism and whimsy with a touch of the uncanny in the small paintings.  The classic idea of girlhood—albeit standards of the past—is saturated in a blend of pinks and topped with bows and lace.  Fuzzy feelings, stomach butterflies, and blushed cheeks ring of female juvenility.  And artist Janet Hill toys with all these notions of girlhood with a playful twist toward the macabre.’



Janet began her career in 2008 selling her paintings on Etsy.  Since that time, Janet has collaborated with the New York Puzzle Company, Harper Collins, Tiffany & Co, Anthropologie, Artfully Walls, Penguin Random House, Flow Magazine, and Coach House Books. 

Janet has written and illustrated two children’s books:  Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess, Miss Mink: Life Lessons from a Cat Countess, and one young adult novel, Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House.


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